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Learn Magento 2 in our interactive workshop

What's Covered?

You’ll learn everything needed to build production-level websites, from Magento 2 concepts to Web API.


Learn by doing

This is an in-person 2-day workshop where we’ll build real-world apps together, step-by-step.


Who's it for?

Our workshop is available as a public course or a private training. Students need to be comfortable with PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

Course Outline

The Mage Mastery workshop is designed to start you at ground zero and elevate you to production-level Magento 2 skills by the end of day 2.

We begin with the Magento 2 concepts, then create an extension that has routing, makes API calls, customize frontend and backend, and practice in-depth how to write code.

All content includes best practices and is reviewed by Mage Mastery members who have passed the Magento 2 Professional Developer exam.

After each new topic is taught, students are guided through interactive exercises as they learn by building a complete Magento 2 solution.

Choose a Magento 2 Workshop

The Mage Mastery workshop is designed to start you at ground zero and elevate you to production-level Magento 2 skills by the end of day 2.

Day 1


  • Key Magento concepts
  • Understand Magento 2 codebase
  • Create new pages in Magento 2
  • UI modifications, design changes, page customization
  • Learn Magento 2 customization techniques
  • Create/modify the database schema
  • Magento 2 CRUD
  • Customize the Admin UI

Day 2


  • Layouts overview
  • Basic CSS and JS inclusion
  • Intro into blocks and view models
  • Templates
  • .less files deployment and compilation options
  • Using Grunt for deployment and compilation
  • Fallback Process
  • M1 <> M2 Comparison

Day 3


For those who would like to practice development with Magento 2 platform, we are going to build a Magento 2 extension and have lots of fun.

Choose Location

Find the location of your next Magento 2 training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What knowledge do my developers need to have before they do the workshop?

Students need to be comfortable with PHP, PHP OOP, HTML5 and JavaScript, otherwise they might be a little lost.

Are you sure the content is genuine?

This training course stands on its own with original content based on real life commercial development experience conducted by instructor. We haven't used other online resources or trainings free or paid.

Will you run a public workshop in my city?

If you think there’s enough interest in your city, just get in touch.

Which version of Magento are you using?

We are always teaching the latest version of Magento 2. We constantly update the training material to follow the new Magento versions.

Can we customize the content?

Public classes follow our normal outline, but if there’s something specific you want to learn with a private workshop, please do ask.

Do I need to bring my own laptop to your workshop?

Yes. Both PC and MAC are perfectly fine, you'll get the same experience during the workshop.

What is the setup required on my laptop?

A detailed setup document will be sent to attendees one week prior to the training.

Can I request a VAT Invoice for my company?

Absolutely, please email to info@pronkoconsulting.com with your company name, address, and number of attendees for the training. We will follow up with the invoice in 24 hours.

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