User Registration with PHP and MySQL

14 lessons

Course Overview

This course is for developers willing to learn and practice creating user registration functionality with PHP and MySQL.

The User Registration with PHP and MySQL course shows how to build registration functionality with PHP and MySQL. In the course, we are going to learn and practice building this functionality and how to send confirmation emails to successfully register a user in a PHP application.

After the course, you will be familiar with PDO MySQL driver and PDO classes that can be used for working with the MySQL database. Also, you will get skills sending and processing emails in a PHP application.

For those who want to

  • Build PHP applications and don't know where to start
  • Learn how to work with MySQL database in PHP
  • Learn how to fetching and inserting into a MySQL database with the help of PHP PDO library
  • Practice creating User Register functionality in PHP
  • Familiarize with $_SESSION, $_GET and $_POST global PHP variables
  • Lean how to send confirmation email for a user confirmation

What will you be able to do?

After course completion you will understand how the authentication mechanism works and what is required to build login and logout feature in PHP. Also, this course is a great start for developers and QA who want to start their journey with PHP language.

Are you ready to start your Mage Mastery journey?

Start with the first lesson and create User Registration form.


Max Pronko