Test Case / Checklist


This course is for all people who want to start their journey as QA engineer of The Magento 2 platform.

In this lesson we will learn about the test case and checklist. The reason why I combined both of these topics is simple - related actions that have simple meaning so it will not deal a lot of problems to any QA engineer with any level of seniority.

Let's start from the Test Case - it is a case of different conditions and variables for QA engineers to understand that the system, or the product is working as expected by the business logic or works correctly.

There are a lot of various test case systems to manage them efficiently but each has its own attributes of the test case itself. But it pretty easy to identify main attributes of any test case, they are:

  • Test Suite ID (it is the ID of the folder of test cases where belongs this case);
  • Test Case ID (It is ID of the test case in tracking system);
  • Summary (It summary/objective of the test case);
  • Steps to reproduce (It is detailed steps to reproduce to execute the test case );
  • Expected result (Simple as that, expected result after executing test case);
  • Status (Pass or Fail. Other statuses could be in the case of the not finished execution of the test case.)

Other attributes of the test case are not mandatory, so they can vary from system-to-system.

Checklist - this is even easier, basically it is the list of test cases that should be performed during any type of the specified testing process with the ability to check that every part of functionality is tested and nothing is forgotten.

There can be found checklist systems for tracking everything, but usually is used by default Excel or Google Spreadsheet for managing them all.

Checklists can be divided into separate blocks with titles for each part like: Homepage, Category page, Product details page etc. if we are talking about e-commerce sites.

So during this lesson we checked the basic positions for any testing process which are mandatory for each ‘well oiled’ QA engineer team.

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