Introduction to the Bug Tracking Systems


This course is for all people who want to start their journey as QA engineer of The Magento 2 platform.

Nowadays there are a lot of bugs tracking systems that can be found on the internet. Each of them is trying to prove to potential customers that it is the best choice on the market for its solution.

As definition of the bug tracking system or defect tracking system is a software application that keeps track of software bugs in software development projects.

Main component of the bug tracking system is a database that contains all information about features, stories and bugs that are related to the project.

Also, similar elements are displayed on all bug tracking systems, and they are matching with the bug elements like ID, Summary, etc.

So there are the most common, and most popular bug tracking systems on the market right now.

  • Jira;
  • Mantis;
  • Trello;
  • Target Process;
  • BugZilla;
  • Backlog.

All these bug tracking systems are used to reach the same goal, but you can decide for yourself according to your needs and preferences.

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