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Magento 2 Payment Method

60 lessons
2 polls
2 months
Start: September 21, 2020

About the Workshop

This online course is for those who want to get hands dirty with 3rd-party integration with Magento 2. You will learn how to build an online payment method with Magento 2 Payment Gateway API.

What is included

Knowledge Gain

During 4 weeks, you are going to have 60 lessons. You will learn Magento 2 back end and front end components.

Curated Lessons

Lessons are available on schedule. To move to the next lesson, you will need to do the homework and pass the review.

Help & Support

Every student will get access to a curator. In case of any questions or support, the curator will be happy to help and advise on the next steps.

Have you ever been stuck with Magento 2? I was in the same situation. Amount of effort required to finish a complex development task is tremendous. Especially, when you are about to finish the integration with the payment service provider and it appears the integration doesn't work. One small piece is missing... Extra bit of knowledge in Magento 2.

This is a perfect time for you to get extra help and get to the next level with Magento 2. Please meet new online course for developers willing to gain knowledge with the best practices building payment integrations in Magento 2.

Topic Coverage

  • Magento 2 Payment Gateway API and Customization Techniques
  • Customizing the Checkout Process
  • Magento 2 Checkout Rendering System
  • UI Components on Checkout
  • 3D Secure Support
  • PCI Compliance
  • VISA Checkout
  • Sales Documents: Transaction, Order, Invoice, Credit Memo
  • Sales Operations: Void, Refund, Invoice, Capture, and Cancel


10 hours

Magento Version

We are going to use the latest Magento Open Source 2.4.


Experience developing software applications using PHP and JavaScript. Experience writing Magento 2 extensions and extending Magento 2.

Build with Confidence

With the Payment Integration course you will get a solid understanding on the Design Patterns and Principles used in Magento 2 platform. Your next custom Magento 2 module will look differently from what you've built already. You will get completely fresh ideas how you can level up your existing integrations as well as great understanding about Magento 2.

Workshop Pricing

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  • 50 Video Lessons
  • Access to Mage Mastery Chat
  • Source code of all lessons
  • 3-month access


  • 60 Video Lessons
  • Access to Mage Mastery Chat
  • Source code of all lessons
  • 9-month access
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Meet Your Instructor

Max is a Magento 2 developer and programming instructor passionate about making it easier to learn complex skills. He is a YouTuber and Magento 2 Professional Certified developer who has been involved in the evolution of the Magento platform before joining Mage Mastery in order to help developers progress along their professional paths. Max is a Magento Master 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What knowledge do my developers need to have before they do the workshop?

Students need to be comfortable with PHP, PHP OOP, HTML5 and JavaScript, otherwise they might be a little lost.

Is this a webinar I have to watch at specific times?

The workshop videos and homework can be studied 24/7. You will receive access to our new Mage Mastery Training Portal with all lessons as they are released.

Are you sure the content is genuine?

This workshop stands on its own with original content based on real life commercial development experience conducted by the instructor. We haven't used other online resources or trainings free or paid.

What is included into the workshop?

The workshop includes 60 video lessons, 140 tasks and homework, lesson materials. Total amount of hours required to complete the workshop is 120.

Which version of Magento are you using?

We are always teaching the latest version of Magento 2. We constantly update the training material to follow the new Magento versions.

Can we customize the content?

Public classes follow our normal outline, but if there’s something specific you want to learn with a private workshop, please do ask.

What is the setup required on my laptop?

A detailed setup document is sent to attendees one week prior to the workshop.

Can I request a VAT Invoice for my company?

Absolutely, please email to using the title “Invoice with VAT”, specifying your company name, address, and number of attendees for the training. We will follow up with the invoice in 24 hours.