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Magento 2 Command Line Interface (CLI) for Beginners

9 lessons

Introduction to the Magento 2 CLI Course

Magento 2 is a modern PHP based ecommerce framework. And as every framework, it provides a command-line interface for performing different operations with the system. It includes installation of a website, enabling additional plugins, modifying data, performing maintenance activities such as caching, security and performance-related commands.

Magento 2 includes a so-called Magento CLI that stands for Magento Command Line Interface that ships together with Magento 2.

In this course you will learn what is Magento CLI, understand different CLI commands, its purpose, and syntax. It will help you to pass a Magento 2 associate developer and Magento 2 professional developer exams as well as give you proficiency in managing your Magento 2 web store.

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