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About the Course

In this free course, you will learn Magento 2 development concepts and gain knowledge of building a fully functional Magento 2 Blog module. The online course will help you develop the necessary skills to become an Adobe Commerce Developer Expert.

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What is Included?

  • Knowledge Gain

    Absolutely Free

    The course materials are absolutely free and you have 24/7 access to watch videos on your own pace.

  • Knowledge Gain

    Knowledge Gain

    Each lesson content has been carefully polished and recorded so you can get most ouf with Mage Mastery

Workshop Lessons Outline

1. Magento 2 Model, Resource, Collection for Post
2. How CRUD works in Magento 2?
3. How to create a page in Magento 2 admin?
4. Creating Post Listing Component
5. Creating a Post Edit Page in Magento 2 Admin
6. Creating a Post Form UI Component
7. Creating Form Buttons
8. Saving data with Action Controller to database table
9. Adding an Edit Action into the Post UI Listing
10. Adding Delete Action for UI Listing
11. Creating Storefront Blog Page
12. Showing Posts on the Blog Page
13. Declarative Post Database Table
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Max is a Magento Master 2020

Max is a Magento 2 developer and programming instructor passionate about making it easier to learn complex skills. He is a Youtuber and Magento 2 Professional Certified developer who has been involved in the evolution of the Magento platform before joining Mage Mastery.

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