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Magento Tech Digest #169

Magento Tech Digest #169

  • Max PronkoMax Pronko
  • June 29, 2021

    June 29, 2021

The weekly digest of the best articles
for Magento developers and eCommerce gurus

The Magento world is constantly growing. Each week something new is happening – a product update, a new tool, an industry event, a knowledge-sharing initiative. This is our mission to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of Magento-related information by putting together this digest.

The articles range from Magento tutorials, tools, videos to events in the Magento world. Click the links to see what is happening around the most popular eCommerce platform.

Magento Tutorials

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko

What is Magento 2 hreflang attribute & How to Use It? by Gaurav Jain

How to Create Coupon Codes in Magento 2 by Gaurav Jain

What is Magento 2 Marketing Tools & How to Use It? by Gaurav Jain

How to Change Domain Name in Magento 2 by Gaurav Jain

Live Search in Adobe Commerce – What You Need to Know by Gaurav Jain

How to Implement Magnifier Widget in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

Solved: Failed to Load API Definition in Magento 2 Swagger by Kanchi Upadhyay

How to Create a Multi Store in Magento 2 by Anna Anatskaya

MAGECART GROUP 12: toolser.pw skimmer by Luke

Setup Magento 2 Local Development Environment with Docker by Shraddha S.

Magento 2 hosting requirements – All information you need by Nikita S.


Magento Tech Digest #168 by Max Pronko

Adobe introduces expiration of Magento certifications by Andrea Wiel

Buying Adobe Certification Vouchers via Xvoucher by Andreas von Studnitz

The Buy Now Pay Later Boom in the Magento World by Thien-Lan Weber

Top 9 Tips on How to Increase User Sign Ups in E-commerce by Aastha Shah

How Artificial Intelligence Powered Product Recommendations Transform eCommerce? by Magento Developer Group

Google Pay Extension for Magento Updated, Now Supports Cybersource by Magento Developer Group

Webiators Login As Customer From Admin Extension For Magento 2 by Yogesh Khasturi

Webiators Share Cart On WhatsApp Extension for Magento 2 by Yogesh Khasturi

Ecommerce Trends in 2021 by Yogesh Khasturi

Best Magento Development Companies & Developers In USA by Sab Ka Hub

7 Magento Progressive Web App Development Solutions by Tigren

Why Magento? An Introduction To One Of The Most Powerful Commerce Platforms by Shusain

How does Hosting Server Location Impact Website SEO by Nikita S.

Developer and Code

Курс по разработке блога с помощью языка программирования PHP, системы управления базами данных MySQL и других необходимых библиотек и решений.

11. Контейнер зависимостей. Блог на PHP by Макс Пронько

12. PDO Провайдер. Блог на PHP by Макс Пронько


How to Perform CRUD Operations Using API in Magento 2 by Ronak Bhatti

Creating custom REST API endpoints in Magento by Antoni Paszkow


How to Change Category Page Layout for Specific Category Only in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Create Admin Menu in Magento 2 by Milan Vaghela


Magento vs Shopify | Customizations or Ease of Use? by GoMage — Magento Development Company

The 3 Main Subscription Business Models for Online Stores by IWD Agency


Magento 2 Development Training by Max Pronko

In case you missed the previous digest edition, here is a link to it – Magento Tech Digest #168.

We hope you’ve found a lot of interesting materials and got some insights. On a weekly basis we collect the most powerful articles, videos, and tutorials on Magento 2 topics. If there are some articles worth adding to the Magento tech digest, please share your thoughts with us – we’re always interested in enriching our digest.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we might be able to support you in starting up or growing your eCommerce business.

  • Max PronkoMax Pronko
  • June 29, 2021

    June 29, 2021

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