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How to get Magento certification?

How to get Magento certification?

  • Anna KoshevaAnna Kosheva
  • June 05, 2022

    June 05, 2022

The Adobe Magento 2 certification is awarded to a Magento developer or architect who follows its standards and meets certain requirements. Getting a Magento 2 certification is certainly difficult, but the benefits far outweigh the hard work.

If you are already working in the Magento industry, you can get a Magento 2 certification that will help you stand out from the crowd and help you succeed in your career. Here are the full details of the various Magento 2 certifications and how you can get them in 2022.

What is Magento Certification?

Magento Certification (or Adobe Certification) is a Magento 2 development skill test process. It involves an expert exam to test their skills and knowledge, ensure they can continue to use Magento technology to its fullest potential, and raise an expert’s credibility by matching their portfolio with proof of their ability.

When you go to the exam, you’ll see up to 60 questions, and there are some themes:

  • Applied experience in working with Magento 2.
  • Knowledge of working with Magento 2 out-of-the-box functionality.
  • UI components, layouts, and XML configurations.
  • Magento admin panel and its configuration settings.
  • Business case-related directions.

Will Magento Certification help you?

Magento 2 certification doesn’t matter if you would like to develop your online store for selling products. You’re now not required to prove your skills or knowledge while performing on your own business. However, Magento 2 certification can make a difference once you are an expert Magento developer working for other clients or doing employment. Most businesses would favor hire certified Magento developers over non-certified developers.

You will have these benefits if you get Magento Certification:

  • Personalized website development. Certified Magento developers obviously possess the knowledge to regulate Magento technology to the particular needs of a given business. Therefore, to create a totally operational eСommerce solution saturated with the newest features and tools, clients are more likely to rent Magento-certified developers.
  • Enhanced SEO. Yet one more thing clients may realize is that working with an authorized developer will bring more possibilities to develop a better code with a boosted shopping experience. These factors significantly contribute to enhanced SEO capabilities and, therefore, to the website’s first positions in search engines.
  • Time and money savings. Business owners who put quality over quantity also put certification as a priority when selecting their candidates. Magento developers who can boast the badge in their portfolio can encourage be capable of handling complex codes, troubleshooting, and saving lots of time for their clients. Time is money; so, by choosing certified experts, clients will pay off their investments in the future.

Types of Magento Certification

Magento comprises a good range of Magento certifications to assess the knowledge of Magento specialists in various domains, like front-end or cloud development. Below, you’ll be able to find a listing of Magento certification types that consists of seven specializations and descriptions for each of them.

Preparing for Magento 2 Certification Exam

Adobe is one of the foremost reputed organizations. Passing an exam isn’t a straightforward task. It requires adequate knowledge and expertise within the relevant Magento field to earn the certificate. However tough, getting an Adobe Magento certification isn’t impossible. One can clear the Adobe certification exam and earn the badge by identifying the exam requirements and preparing accordingly.

What about registration for Magento 2 Exam?

The Magento certification cost may often range from $195 to $295. Also, the value may vary from exam to exam. After browsing the list of exams, you’ll be able to choose the foremost suitable one for you and get the voucher from Adobe Credential Manager.

Once purchased, Adobe will send the voucher to your email, otherwise, you can easily find it within the My Product and repair section of the Account page. On clicking on “Find a testing center and register for exams,” you’ll be redirected to the Webassassor page and might register for the new exam.

It is possible to require exams in two patterns, either online or offline. After selecting one option, choose the well-liked date and time, and so enter the voucher code. you’ll receive a confirmation email together with other details and requirements. you’ll be able to also reschedule your Magento exam free from cost at any time before 24 hours from the exam. However, you may pay a $50 fee if you want to reschedule the exam within 24 hours of the exam time.

Want to prepare for the exam? Study with professionals on Magento 2 Associate Developer Exam Preparation. Learn all you need in 10 weeks and pass the exam with flying colors!

  • Anna KoshevaAnna Kosheva
  • June 05, 2022

    June 05, 2022

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